You Get What You Pay For!

business2We are asked from time to time “Can you make JOLIEMOLIE cheaper?”
The answer is of course yes PROVIDED we changed the specification to include;

Fruit Flavouring instead of real fruit
Chemical preservatives and colourants
Recycled and chlorinated water
Artificial herb flavouring
Artificial sweeteners
Remove all vitamins
No pasteurisation and canning – replace with PET bottles
And Finally we abandon our JOLIEMOLIE Trust to help the helpless (Humans and Animals)!

You will not be surprised to read that WE WILL NEVER ABANDON OUR HIGH SWISS SPECIFICATION & TESTED formula and process. Pure ALPINE WATER and real fruits (often concentrates), pasteurisation, vitamins, natural sweeteners and Herbal Elixirs will be the foundation of our products .

Naturally therefore, customers can ALWAYS feel happy that what they and their children drink from a JOLIEMOLIE can, Is a genuine SWISS FORMULATED and QUALITY TESTED WELLNESS FRUIT DRINK. The JOLIEMOLIE Trust is a great way for customers to lend a hand to the helpless worldwide.


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