Healthy vitaminised fruit drink

Our definition of a true modern, tasty and healthy vitaminised fruit drink is one that:

  • Contains at least three real fruits (concentrated or otherwise)
  • Contains natural sweeteners or low or moderate sugar (not artificial sweeteners)
  • Does not contain psycho boosting chemicals or preservatives eg Caffeine, nicotine, taurine or glucuronolactone, inositol etc.
  • Contains Vitamins not exceeding, per 330 ml can, 25% of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for an adult.
  • Below UK sugar tax law (5gms per 100 ml).
  • Is Pasteurised to give long shelf life in perfect condition.
  • Uses pure SPRING WATER (like ALPINE water) without chemical treatments eg Chlorine, Flouride.
  • Is packed in a very secure tamperproof aluminium 330ml can.
  • 330 ml cans – most easily recycled

Clearly JOLIEMOLIE ™ meets these stiff criteria. Try it today ! It has a UNIQUE and MEMORABLE taste , unlike many bland fruit drinks.

“Joliemolie –  The King of Soft Drinks” – Don`t say EPIC, AWSOME, AMAZING – just say JOLIEMOLIE!


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