alps-2Although we are a Swiss company and we use Swiss Laboratories for regular quality testing (and a German International Laboratory too) we have our products produced to our British Founder’s exacting specifications and recipe in Austria, a country renowned for it`s advanced fruit juice/drinks canning production facilities. Indeed besides JOLIEMOLIE, several other world class soft drinks are produced in Austria too

Wherever in the world you consume JOLIEMOLIE you can be 100% assured that our QUALITY is the very best available.

The best possible Quality inputs + Alpine Water + World’s best production Technology and Production = JOLIEMOLIE Wellness Fruit Drink!

All our products are PASTEURISED and distributed in recyclable ALUMINIUM CANS, to ensure LONG SHELF LIFE in perfect condition and taste. However once opened, please consume the same day.
Improve the QUALITY of your life and drink JOLIEMOLIE ! Is there anyone on the planet who does not believe that Blackcurrant, Orange, Lemon, fresh Alpine Water and an Enzian (gentian) based herbal elixir (190 year old recipe) is not good for you?

JOLIEMOLIE has a fantastic taste; unique and memorable.


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