F.A.Q. (frequently Asked Questions)

  • environmentalExactly what is JOLIEMOLIE? It is a very special fruit drink made from concentrated Blackcurrant, Orange and Lemon juices, blended with PURE ALPINE WATER and HERBAL ELIXIRS first brewed by a German Doctor in 1824, as a medicine to aid digestion, back pains, virility and health.
  • Where did it originate? Today’s JOLIEMOLIE is a HIGH QUALITY derivative of an original thirst quenching fruit drink, popular in the TROPICS (in reality the taste and quality was variable , even the colour differed hugely). Ingredients were often missed out and the water is often of very questionable quality!
  • Why is it now, a SWISS – AUSTRIAN product? Quite simply, our founder (a reclusive, British business man ), having lived 35 years in Africa, decided to retire to Switzerland , where high and consistent quality and reliable chemists could formulate JOLIEMOLIE. Thereafter, AUSTRIA was chosen for the production and canning of JOLIEMOLIE as it is already the home production base for many top soft drinks. Swiss Laboratories continuously monitor all production .
  • Where does it get it`s UNIQUE and MEMORABLE taste? Very simply the HIGH CLASS ingredients, ALPINE WATER and 190 year old Envian (gentian) HERBAL ELIXIRS make it UNIQUE and MEMORABLE. It tastes special and we are sure you will never forget it!
  • Why is it a WELLNESS product? Our British founder does not believe in adding Caffeine, Nicotine or any other addictive products to Fruit Drinks. Only the finest fruit concentrates ( themselves recognised as having great health attributes ) and some modest vitamins plus SWISS ENVIAN (gentian) based traditional herbal elixirs in a base of PURE ALPINE WATER allows this to be called a WELLNESS product –good for you! Get used to feeling great!
  • Where did you get the name? When our founder played a part in rescuing a baby Giraffe from a Lion in the Kruger National Park in South Africa in 1970 he was so overwhelmed by the beautiful animal, by now scratched and bleeding and half an ear missing, he named the baby Giraffe – MOLIE . Hence, now some 45 years later, and needing a name for this unique beautiful and memorable drink, he called it JOLIE (French for beautiful) MOLIE! He has now created a foundation to rescue endangered species.
  • Can Whiskey/Brandy/Rum/Vodka/Gin be added? For those who cannot be troubled with endless cocktails with endless ingredients, just use JOLIEMOLIE straight out of the can with your favourite spirit. On ice it is the greatest cocktail – simply the best ! (and so convenient).
  • Why is it usually served on ICE? Quite simply it was born in the Tropics where an ice cold thirst quenching drink is always needed. PLUS of course ALPINE WATER is always year round COLD ! But, we believe the customer is always right; so drink it as you please!
  • Can I buy it to take home? JOLIEMOLIE is designed as the original tropic drink for consumption , as a special experience. In Hotels, Bars, Clubs , Casinos and Restaurants rather than just another supermarket product, so the only way to take it home , if you wish, is to ask the barman to sell you some! He will oblige of course!
  • JOLIEMOLIE costs a little more – why? Quality, best ingredients, European manufacture, Swiss Laboratory control , Enzian herbal elixir and Alpine water never come cheap!


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