business1From the beginning it was decided that only the very best natural ingredients, including PURE ALPINE WATER, would be used in any of our WELLNESS FRUIT DRINKS. These differ from the Energy Drinks so popular today, in that no chemical additives to give temporary “boosts” would be included eg caffeine, nicotine, taurine or glucuronolactone, inositol etc.

Neither do we include artificial flavourings or sweeteners. We also decided from the beginning that JOLIEMOLIE™ would have a “kick” and this has been provided by a small addition of Envian root HERBAL ELIXIR, invented by a German Doctor nearly 200 years ago and believed by many to be a great “healer and helper” for indigestion, back and other muscular pains, virility, immune system strengthening. There is no scientific proof of this BUT consumers for nearly 200 years have repeatedly consumed this special product believing and testifying to it having significant health attributes.


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