JOLIEMOLIE is a brand of The Swiss Soft Drinks Company GmbH based in Zug, Switzerland.

JOLIEMOLIE was founded by a British Expatriate Businessman, who spent 35 years in Africa & Asia then moved, hence he is in Switzerland.

He is passionate about tasty and healthy fruit drinks, hence producing a range of drinks of which JOLIEMOLIE is the first..

Our Founder is still ambitious and dynamic and intends that JOLIEMOLIE and future brands of THE SWISS SOFT DRINKS COMPANY GmbH are distributed worldwide. He sees no reason why JOLIEMOLIE should not become a household word for quality tasty and healthy FRUIT DRINKS.

People are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the present range of chemicalized, artificially flavoured drinks in low quality water, highly sugared, real or artificial, that have no benefit and may even harm them .

“Joliemolie –  The King of Soft Drinks” – Don`t say EPIC, AWSOME, AMAZING – just say JOLIEMOLIE!


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