WebsiteVersion4The Swiss soft Drinks Company GmbH , intends that each new WELLNESS FRUIT DRINK launched, will have a separate brand identity.

The first brand is JOLIEMOLIE named after a baby Giraffe saved from a lion by our founder in Africa some 45 years ago !

Our founder at the tender age of 21 and a new expatriate to Africa, was on safari in the Kruger Park and just in time saw a lion attacking a baby giraffe. Immediately and without thinking (not recommended or approved of by Park Rangers !) he drove his Jeep at the attacking lion who immediately ran away . Sadly, the Baby Giraffe was deeply scratched on his face and had half an ear bitten off in the attack. Mercifully, the parents were nearby and quickly tended to the baby Giraffe’s injuries by licking them with their very long tongues.

The memory of this was used to create both the JOLIEMOLIE logo (half an ear and bloody scratches) and also the name JOLIE (beautiful in French ) and MOLIE just a cute name for a lucky baby Giraffe.


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